Secure mail + Tor for your business

GoodCrypto now protects email metadata too turns out, it's not impossible :)

Get secure mail and browsing for everyone in your organization at once.

Based on the most tested and trusted crypto, GPG and Tor. GPG provides PGP email and Tor provides anonymous browsing. Snowden relied on them, and he is alive and free. It's hard to imagine a better test.

Works with your existing email server, email clients, browsers, antispam and antivirus. Users get private email, anonymous browsing, and automatic key management. No clicks and no training. We never have access to your private data.

Any device . Any email client . Encrypts, mixes, pads . Protects metadata and content . Open source software . Preinstalled . Configured . Bootable ISO . Decentralized . Your server hardware . Your administrator . Professional support . Automatic security updates



Free to nonprofits and volunteers.

The limits of GoodCrypto.

Encryption works.
     Edward Snowden
Crypto works.
     Bruce Schneier